How Can I Help?

I have been helping people across 30+ countries. Here is what I can do for you.
How Can I Help?
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My mission is to bring the utmost best forward in a person for them to be their very best version. This is how we create a better world for all. I use the wisdom of the heart, something we all have in common, and have readily accessible.

All my services can be provided both in person and online. I work with people across the world and I connect when I see their face/body.

Dorian Yates, 6x Mr Olympia: I'm amazed how Martin resolves the task, he doesn't beat around the bush.

Service One

Analyzing your soul contract is no. One. -once you have that, you are set to map your Mindset and we can start to decipher your body's reactive pattern.

Service Two

Mindset is all about Challenges and how you react to them. Some are easily solvable and some create blockage that your body has to take over and hold on to, while you sort out why and how it happened and how your stand is to it.

Service Three

When your body takes over, the challenge is surrendered into pain, and you feel it!
Having your mind understand why and how it turned into pain also will help the body to release the pain it holds onto. Your mind literally has to have an A-Ha experience to be receptive to the release of the bodily pain in question.


We work together on this, through sessions, small talk, insights, directions, treatments, and empowered self-treatment advised by me because you are your own best healer.
Using and cross-referencing the equal powers of both body, mind and soul brings forth solutions that will enhance your quality of life exponentially!
Like using the numbers 1+1+1=111, to create a new reality for your Body, Mind, and Soul:


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